Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hawks 12U Win Wood Bat National Tournament

Hawks 12u won their final tournament of the season, going 6-0.

Teams faced were:
  • Oregon Diamond Jacks
  • San Francisco Dons
  • Bombers Baseball
  • Cordova Reds
  • Stockton Crushers
  • Hard 90 Rally

  • Wesley Vickers pitched a complete game giving up 1 hit.
  • Max Diaz pitched a complete game against the Stockton Crushers, winning 3-1 in a nail biter.
  • Chris Brown max'd out the pitching with 9 innings pitched giving up a total of 3 runs. Chris closed out the Championship game, pitching 3 innings giving up 2 runs for the 8-7 win. He pitched 5 innings against the Bombers, having 6 k's.
  • Willie pitched the Championship game against a hard hitting Hard 90 Rally. Hawks defense held Hard 90 after the 1st inning and the offense battled back to finish the game.
  • Jeffrey...well....was on fire! Several spectacular plays at short-stop and a hot bat.
  • Drew T., tournament MVP caught every game in high Manteca heat.
The Hawks finished the season on a high note, beating the Hard 90 Rally to win the Championship. Hard 90 previously bested the Hawks 11-3 in the NIT held in Woodland.

Big thanks to Bruce, Darrel, and Dave for a fantastic season! Cooperstown was definitely the highlight of the sesaon. Winning the final tournament in Manteca was the icing on the cake.

Nice job guys!

It's been an incredible ride over the years. Let it continue.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hawks v NJ Panthers and Milwaukee Angels

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hawks Take 8th out of 104 Teams

We knew going into the game against Houston that it was going to be tough. Chris pitched against Houston, able to keep them close. The Hawks scored more runs against Houston then all other teams combined (so far). Willie and Jeffrey's homers were key.

Hawks in the Elite 8

Hawks 8, East Cobb (GA) Trojans 4.

We face the Houston Sox who've blown out every team they've faced. Chris will have the mound.

Willie and Drew pitched against East Cobb.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hawks in the Sweet 16!

Hawks made it to the Final 16 teams, beating the Lake Area Michigan Dodgers 2-0.

This was an exciting game between Max Diaz and a hard throwing lefty from the Dodgers. The Dodgers held the Hawks to two hits. Chris Brown bunted his way onto base in the 5th with the score ties at 0-0. Drew Downing, batting in the 9th spot, was fed a fast ball that Drew belted over the fence for a two run homer.

Max came in and shutdown the Dodgers.

From our understanding, this is the first time a Pleasant Hill team has made it into the final 16 at Cooperstown.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hawks 6-0 in pool play

Bruce fulfilled his promise that all 12 kids would be able to say they pitched in Cooperstown. The team fulfilled the goal of going undefeated in pool play.

The teams have not been that challenging. We know starting tomorrow, it's game on.

Hawks 12
Louisiana Heat 2

A friend of mine from my time in the Concord Blue Devils. His kid plays on the Ponderosa Mustangs from Colorado.

It was totally by chance that my friend, Dave, discovered I was in Cooperstown. We hadn't seen each other in 20+ years.

Clouds during the rain delay

Drew Tressen was the 12th Hawks pitcher to have pitched during pool play. Hawks went undefeated with 12 different pitchers!

Rainbow at the end of a rain delay.

A few pictures

Uploading pictures here is unbelievably slow. I'll post pictures when I get better reception. Here's a few from the games.

Opening Ceremony

Hawks ready to get things started

Drew D. with a homer.

Chris wearing the pitch on his shoulder