Monday, February 9, 2009

NIT Warm-up - Manteca

Hawks pre-game chat
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The Hawks ended up 3rd or 4th out of 13 teams at the tournament.  There were some bright spots during the weekend:

1) Drew T. started off the season with 2 homers accounting for a total of 5 runs.
2) Hawks pitchers accounted for 19 strike-outs, 6 of them coming from Luis.
3) Hawks on-base % was .460
4) Hawks benefited from 14 walks while only giving up 4.

One thing about being on the Hawks, teams usually throw us their best pitchers.  The Rakers certainly did with Rojas.  Every one of our batters except two were struck out at least once by Rojas in the semi-finals.  5 strike-outs looking, 3 swinging.

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