Friday, February 20, 2009

Super NIT Champions

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Congratulations to the Hawk's on their USSSA Super NIT Victory in Manteca as well as to Luis on his MVP selection. 

As has been typical, the team started slow in the tournament with yet another 8AM game but picked up steam as the weekend progressed. A tough loss against the Delta Dawgs. We seem to always be evenly split with the Delta Dawgs. You never know the outcome of the games against the Dawgs.

The Brentwood game was exciting, a 1-0 ball game with good pitching, hitting, and defense.


  • Luis led the Hawks with a .778 batting average and .800 on base percentage.
  • 4 Hawks players had .600 or higher on base percentage:  Luis, Willie, Drew T., and Chris B.
  • 3 Hawks batters had batting averages of .400 or higher:  Luis, Jeffrey, Willie
  • 5 home runs:  Greg L., Luis (2), Jeffrey, Dylan
A great start to the season.

Congratulations to the Hawk 10's

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Congratulations to the Hawk 10's.  PHBA must certainly be proud two of their travel teams have won the USSSA Super NIT.

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