Saturday, March 1, 2008

Old Time Hawks

Apparently, the Pleasant Hill Hawks Baseball Team has a bit of a legacy here in Contra Costa County.

Twice, Chris and I have been approached by Pleasant Hill Hawks Alumni. One time, we were at a sports store getting equipment for Chris when the sales guy noticed Chris's sweatshirt and mentioned he played on the Hawks in the 70's!

Tonight, after the clinic and while Chris was still in his uniform, a guy came up to Chris at Safeway and asked Chris if he was on the Hawks. When Chris said yes, he was asked if it was the Pleasant Hill Hawks. Chris said yes again. The guy said he wanted to shake Chris's hand......he was on the Hawks over 20 years ago!

I told the guy that Chris's team just won their first tournament and he was really excited to hear about the team and how they were doing. other note.....

Chris's uncle was also on the Hawks 20+ years ago.

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