Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring Bash Champions


Congratulations to Chris Brown - Tournament MVP


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Highlights From the Weekend

  • Max leads the team in On Base %
  • Willie led the team in pitching.
  • Chris pitched 3 innings of shutout ball
  • Drew came back with a big bat, belting a triple
  • Zach belted a triple
  • Willie led the offense
  • Dylan was instrumental in 2 double plays
  • The team made 3 double plays, in including one kicked off by Dylan that had the umpires talking about it in the parking lot.  Th field ump made a comment that he doesn't see 14 year old teams make plays like that, particularly the way Dylan stopped the ball and kicked off the play.
The other sweet double play was while Chris was on the mound, a runner at 3rd and a runner at 1st.  The runner at 1st trotted to 2nd trying to get Chris to either balk or throw to 2nd.  Instead, Chris ran at the runner at 2nd, pumping the ball...ala Brian Huitt.  The poor kid just stood there not knowing what to do.  Chris tagged the runner at 2nd out, the runner at 3rd bolted for the plate, and Chris threw a bullet to Willie, well in time to block the plate and get the runner out.  

That could very well be the only double play made without a pitch being thrown.

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