Sunday, March 23, 2008

Manteca Tournament

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Manteca Tournament

The Hawk 11's had a tough time at the Manteca Tournament.  The Hawks faced the Stockton Crushers as well as the Hard 90's.  The Crushers were tough to overcome, giving to us what the 07 Condors gave to them.  Tough hitting, great pitching, and stellar defense.  Max, Will, and Chris did their best against the Crushers, but we couldn't get the runners on base.

The Hard 90's game was a fun game to watch.  Ethan was great on the mound, with Brian supporting Ethan behind the plate.  The highlight was having a runner at 3rd, a dropped 3rd strike, and Brian chasing the batter to 1st, while holding the ball, drawing the 3rd base runner off.....then throwing him out at 3rd.  Incredible play!


Sunday was a tough day.  Chris pitched 5 innings, battling against a hard hitting team.  The Hawk's turned a nice inning ending bases loaded double play with the #4 batter at the plate.  The Crushers #4 batter popped a fly ball to centerto JR.  JR got the double play by throwing the runner out at 2nd who didn't tag up.   

Some Stats

  • The Crushers game on sunday was the 1st game of the season where the Hawks gave up no walks.
  • Willie leads the team in on base% with 650 for the last 5 games.
  • Trevor leads the season on base with 650, with Willie close behind at 620
  • Hawks have a 7-7-1 record for the season
  • Team batting average is .420, on base is .530

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