Monday, March 16, 2009

Hawks go 4-0 against Orinda, PH11, Danville, San Ramon

Opening Day
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Highlights from this weekend playing against Danville and San Ramon
  • Hawks are 9-0 in league play.
  • Max had an amazing 10 strike-outs against San Ramon over 5 innings. He gave up only 1 hit in the 5 innings. Max pitched for average, he's averaged 2 strike-outs per inning pitched, the highest on the team. May have to start calling Max "Circle K".
  • Max has a 9 game hitting streak. Greg and Will are next in line with a 4 game hitting streak.
  • Hawks have 150 hits for the season so far
  • Max pushed the Hawks pitchers past their 100th strike out for the season in 18 games

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