Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tara Hills - Hawks win 2

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Tara Hills
Over the years Tara Hills have always given the Hawks / Condors a hard time. For most of the kids on the team their first travel team loss was to Tara Hills at the 05 Citrus Heights Tournament Championship game in the bottom of the 6th with two outs and up by 1 run. For those that were there it's not something likely to be forgotten given the complete chaos that happened after that final play.

Since that time the kids have managed to beat Tara Hills once in 5 years of ball. Two years ago the team suffered from a strange rule regarding seeding. Last year the team came close twice but it was not to be.

Over the years, who would've thought the Hawks would beat Tara Hills in back to back games? Not only that, but in convincing fashion. A combined score of 20-3.


  • 12 hits against Tara Hills in the 2nd game. A season high so far.
  • Dylan made an incredible catch in center field.
  • Greg did a great job behind the plate, catching for Noah and Chris.
  • Luis, Noah, Chris combined for 12 innings of shutout ball
  • The Hawks have struck out 52 batters in 63 innings so far this season The Hawks opponents have struck back with 52 strike-outs as well.
  • The Hawks have benefitted from 46 walks while giving up 20 walks.

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