Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hawks take 2nd at the Davis Super Series Tournament

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Hawks came close to winning the tournament in Davis. Davis Dynasty proved they have big bats and the Hawks proved they could play ball with them, going into the 6th tied. Tough loss, though. 

Going into the semi-finals, the Hawks outscored their opponents 28-1!

8 Hawks pitchers pitched during pool play, giving up only 1 run over 3 games. That's amazing!

The Hawks averaged 12+ hits a game going into the play-offs before meeting up with the Beasts and Dynasty.  The hits against those teams were 6 and 5 for the Hawks respectively.  Even though the Beasts had a hard throwing pitcher, the Hawks drew 8 walks.   Dynasty gave up two walks to the Hawks, making it more important for the bats to do their work.

Other highlights of the tournament
  • Noah had Capitol Edge Beasts flummoxed with his cutter.
  • Top 3 hitters were Greg (583), Dylan (556), and Max (500).
  • Top 3 on base were Max (667), Evan (625), Dylan (615)
  • Hawks pitchers had 24 strike-outs, 10 of those came from Max.
  • Hawks pitchers finished the Rio Linda Warriors off in 43 pitches.

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